There’s Something Special…

They say there’s something special about your firsts – be it anything from your first step, love, kiss, heartbreak, day at school/college, job and practically anything. In my case, its my first blogpost. YAY!


After a lot of contemplation and self-doubt over the years, here I am, proudly publishing my first post in the world of blogging. This blog is going to be an extension of my personality, a place where I can express my views, explore my thought-process, document my experiences and rant about my crazy emotional outbursts. I hope you guys find some sense and put meaning to my otherwise twisted tales. I hope you find something interesting and inspiring that could light up your day. I hope you find something relaxing as you curl up after a long day at work. I hope you enjoy the roller-coaster. And, I hope you like my work.

Until next time,



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