Detox on the go

Hello pretty people,

I know I have been MIA for quite a while now and have not kept up with my posting schedule. I apologize! I have been super occupied with deadlines to meet and commitments to cater. I literally did not find any “me-time” over the past few weeks. The budding stress eventually ended up on my face. The one thing I dreaded the most came to pay me a visit with no signs of ever wanting to go! PIMPLES!!!!!

I have always had a hot-and-cold relationship with zits. But they only show up when it is “that time of the month”. This cycle of my skin problems barely ever worked me up because it was hormonal and only for a short span.
But this time around, that’s not the case. I have been battling severe acne that has built up due to stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy eating habits, no regular skin care routine and the list goes on. I knew I had to find an effective solution that would help me get rid of these unwelcome visitors but wouldn’t require too much time and hard work.

After some research, I found my saviour. I made myself some infused Detox water which is super beneficial and requires no effort. Here’s how I make it.

You will need…

– 1 to 2 liters’ of water, depending on how strong you want it to taste
– Half cucumber
– 1 lemon or lime
– A handful of fresh mint leaves and basil leaves
– 1 tsp aloe vera gel  
Directions –

Slice up some pieces of a fresh cucumber and put them in a jug or pitcher, then cut slices of a juicy lemon and toss it in with the cucumber. Next, thoroughly wash and add a handful of fresh mint and basil leaves. Then pour in cold water, filling the jar all the way to the top. Lastly, add a spoonful of aloe vera gel and give the mixture a good stir.

Let this mixture sit for at least 1-2 hours which will help all the health benefits and flavours infuse the water.

Toss in some ice and drink this Detox water as often as possible instead of regular drinking water and watch your skin and health transform magically.

Thank me later 😛


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