5 Tips for buying the perfect office bag with StalkBuyLove

So the week just began and you have enough reasons to be upset. And if you are still not over all the Monday hatred memes that keep trending on social media, it’s time to get in the spirit. The simple reason being that despite all the disappointments, not everything is lost on working days. And as much pain as it might seem, it also brings you the opportunity to let you play with fashion and style as you get ready to soar to new professional heights. Hence as you dress up to perfection in your power suit and high heels, your office look can only be complemented by some sharp accessories and as a woman you simply cannot miss on the importance of ladies bags. Whatever be your need, whether you want something big and roomy, short and structured or something feminine yet durable, with bags online you can always have it. Yet, buying a bag for the office takes quite a lot of thinking and if you are not sure of what you need these following tips are sure going to help you.

1. The bigger. The better.

A stylish bag is very much the need of every office going woman as it has the ability to amp up your work outfit. And if your job requires you to travel on a regular basis it is always advised to opt for bigger bags. This will perfectly save you from looking frumpy on days when you have few extra essentials to carry thus making your bag appear as if it is busting at the seams. However don’t go for something too big because this will again spoil the look of your outfit. Make use of bags online and well, love working days.

Get it here.

2. The ultimate question – ‘what is the best time to shop?’

As it has been generally observed fact, autumn seems to be the best season to shop for stylish ladies bags. Although a large and interesting array of well-designed bags can always be found, the fall collection offers bags in warmer tones with intricate details that make the bag interesting and will surely go with almost everything you pair them with.

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3. Some trial and testing.

Trying and testing your bags before actually buying them is a good option. You don’t necessarily have to don your work wear ensemble for doing so, just put on some extra layer and see if the bag sit comfortably on the shoulder or not? Hobo bags, shoulder bags, satchel bags and tote bags etc. stand high as work bag contenders. Take advantage of bags online and have your pick.

Get it here.

Get it here.
4. Explore your personal style.

Taking your personal style into account is very important when buying ladies bags. Hence you should always buy something that suits you rather than going for something which is “in”. No matter what colour or style you go for just make sure that it matches your personality.
Get it here.

Get it here.

5. The colour.

Our work life keeps us busy and getting the opportunity to switch out bags everyday sounds like a privilege granted solely to the select few. Hence getting ladies bags in some solid, neutral colour is sure going to help. A neutral coloured bag will go with any outfit thus saving you the extra effort. Browse through the large collection of bags online and find the perfect bag that will complement your office outfit.

Get it here.

Get it here.


Which bag would you carry to office? Tell me in the comments down below. Also, don’t forget to like and share the post with your colleagues and friends.

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