How to dress right this monsoon

The city just experienced its first downpour post the scorching heat this year and I’m pretty sure we all danced in joy. And why not? I mean, summers are all about dressing cute and showing off our tanned bodies, but they do arguably take a toll on us. Monsoons have been much awaited, and now that they’re around the corner, it is very important to know how to dress right and be presentable at all times. 

While it isn’t so difficult to get your monsoon outfit on point, here are some tips you should keep in mind –

1. Pick the right footwear

It goes without saying that you must ditch those expensive leather shoes since they tend to wear out and peel when in contact with moisture. Instead, get yourself some slip-resistant shoes like crocs, jelly footwear or ballerinas that are meant for monsoons. However you must avoid those hard plastic shoes as they tend to give you blisters and shoe bites while being extremely uncomfortable. 

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2. Choose light-weight fabrics 

The sun plays hide-and-seek almost every hour of a rainy day. That leaves very little time for your clothes to dry out, leaving them damp and impossible to wear. Also, fabrics like denim and corduroy absorb a lot of moisture and weigh you down. Hence, you must opt for light-weight fabrics like lycra, chiffon, nylon or light-weight cotton or linen while picking your monsoon apparel. These fabrics dry out quickly and don’t stick much to your skin, which is just what you need to look chic and crisp.


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3. Crop it up

Imagine wearing your favourite maxi skirt or those bell-bottomed denims and then accidentally stepping on a pool of muck or a filthy puddle. I’m sure it would ruin your mood just as it would ruin your outfit. To avoid this mess, I would suggest you to opt for midi-skirts, cropped culottes, shorts or ankle length pants. After all, its always better to keep it short and simple.

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4. The brighter, the better

Days in the monsoon are quite dull and gloomy. The sky is dressed in different shades of grey as the black clouds help accessorise it. To bring some life and colour to this otherwise toned-down atmosphere, make sure your outfit is bright and colourful. Bright colours instantly uplift your mood and energy in the lazy rainy days when all you want to do is lay in bed with a cup of hot chocolate. Avoid whites and lighter colours as they get transparent when in contact with water. Opt for bold prints, striking colours and minimal yet funky accessories.


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5. Less is more

This rule majorly applies while picking out your accessories on a rainy day. Remember to keep it minimalistic and let your clothes do the talking. This is because most metal detailing on the jewellery, watches and other accessories cannot sustain the moisture level and loses its shine and eventually wears out. But, if you do want to add some fun factor to your outfit, I would suggest investing in some cute raincoats or quirky umbrellas to stand out in the crowd.


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I hope I could help you a little in sorting out your wardrobe for the rains. Don’t forget to tell me what you love about this season in the comments down below. Also, do like and share this post with your  buddies and help them have a happy monsoon too 🙂


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