June favourites

Hey there!

Is it just me or is time actually flying by that fast? Did we not just step into 2016? I simply can’t seem to come to terms with the fact that we are already into the second half of the year. Damn! Time flies! Won’t be too shocking if we bat an eyelid and *BOOM* welcome 2017!

Anyway, too much of my ranting there. Let’s get to the point. 

So this month, I decided to share my favourites with you’ll. Basically, tell you guys about the things I’ve been loving and enjoying throughout the month of June. There aren’t too many things, but I wanted to show them to you’ll anyway.

1. Blogging

I’ve just started blogging recently to satiate my love for writing. And I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it! I’m constantly on the run for creating new content, new ideas or thinking about what to post next. My blog is like my baby. 

2. Maybelline Colorshow nail paint – Crazy Berry

Crazy Berry by Maybelline is a very unusual shade. It is a dark berry shade that’s somewhat like an intense purple with almost black undertones. I hope you understand what I’m saying coz it’s difficult to explain colours in words. This one-of-a-kind colour has been on my nails for almost the entire month and I’m not done yet! 

3. Mary Poppins by Sugar Cosmetics 

This pretty shade of pink has been another favourite this month. It’s super bright, almost neon with blue undertones and shades like that do not suit a lot of Indian skin tones. But this particular shade breaks all stereotypes and looks ravishing on Indian skin. If you are into bright Barbie-like lips, then you must totally check it out.

4. Lotus Herbals Lipstick in Pure Mauve

Unlike Mary Poppins, this one is a more subtle mauve-y lipstick. It is from the pinky nude family and looks stunning against Indian skin. It is very well pigmented and stays put for a fairly good time. Sadly, it doesn’t last through meals, but that’s not a big drawback since you can always reapply it. The colour is so stunning, I’ve been wearing it non-stop.

5. La Roche Possay Anthelios XL

This product has hands-down been an all time favourite. This is an everyday gentle light weight sunscreen that protects your skin against the harsh sun and trust me, it works like magic. It comes with a spray dispenser which makes it easier to apply it on the body. It takes some time to blend in the skin, but once done, you don’t need to worry for hours. I have been using it religiously for months and months.

6. Marillyn jeans from StalkBuyLove

I hope you read one of my previous posts where I styled this pair of Jeans from StalkBuyLove. It is a pair of ripped denims and the fabric is oh-so-comfy and stretchable. It isn’t too thick and let’s your skin breathe, making it a perfect pair of denims for a place like Mumbai. This is one clothing item that I’ve been wearing almost every other day.

7. Moroccan Oil 

Moroccan oil treatment is one such hair product that I swear by. Although it is a bit hard on the pocket, a little goes a long way with this one. It has a thick oil-like consistency, so a pea sized amount is just what you need. I use it after every wash, and it instantly adds a lift and so much life to my other wise dry and limp hair. I would totally urge you to invest on this one. 

8. Knockaround Reflective Sunglasses

So I won’t deny, I’m still having a summer hangover! These fun reflective sunnies are what I’ve been reaching out for all June.  I absolutely love wayfarers anyway and the orange reflective glasses just add to the fun quirky factor. Even when I don’t feel like dressing up, these sunglasses are all I need to add that oomph.
  So that’s about it. Tell me which products have you been loving the last month or if there’s any product you’d like me to try in the comments down below. 

Until next time,



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