What’s in my bag? 

Ok, so I’m going to begin by saying that my bag is constantly loaded with tonnes of junk and unwanted tit-bits (read : chocolate wrappers, old receipts, train tickets, broken hair clips, etc). But I am going to try and leave all of those unwanted details out of this post. My bag is usually super heavy at all times since I literally carry my world in my bag. Hang on and you’ll find out..

Let’s begin with the bag itself. I carry this gorgeous oxblood bag with gold metal detailing that I picked from Vero Moda a while ago. I got it mainly because I fell in love with the color and the fact that I could carry it with almost anything without having to think twice. It is spacious enough to store all the things I need ( as well as the ones I don’t) on an everyday basis. It is chic and versatile. I love it.


So starting with the things that I carry around with me in the bag, the first thing I pulled out is this tiny sling. It is super handy and I love keeping it in my bag so I could carry it by itself and leave the bigger bag in the car if I don’t want to carry all the weight around. What’s inside this sling bag is a wristlet by Koovs where I keep my cash and cards. Yes I am that person who carries a bag inside a bag inside a bag. Inception much? :p


The next thing that comes out this my make up pouch. This is one of the Fabbag bags that I really love. I carry basic stuff like a few lipsticks, a compact, kajal pencil and a mascara in it.


Post that, I got my phone and charger for obvious reasons and  i also got some mints.


I also carry around a small bottle of water. I make it a point to drink a lot of water throughout the day and refill the bottle once it is empty. I’ve got a pair of sunglasses too that i picked up from Aldo sometime last year.



Next up, I have the girly essentials like a comb, tampons, a body mist and some hair clips



So, thats about it. Let me know if you have any suggestions in the comments section down below and also do let me know what all do you carry in your bag? (I’m quite nosy like that 😛 ).

Until next time,







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