Zwibe app – Review 

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I don’t think there’s any other apt time to say that the world is indeed coming closer, than now. Discovering and purchasing products over the Internet has become a cakewalk, all thanks to social apps that offer you an option to buy  the products that your friends or acquaintances use, without any hassle whatsoever. There are so many such social apps that give shopping online a much more personal appeal, a lot of them being Indian start-ups. 

One such app that I recently came across, which has impressed me a lot, is ZWIBE. Zwibe has been founded by a Bangalore based start-up, that strives to monetise word-of-mouth. What that basically means is, say for example, you like a particular watch your friend wears and you ask him for details of the same. Later, you go and purchase the same watch for yourself, causing the sole benefit to the brand that did not pay your friend a penny for marketing the watch, nor did it remunerate you for taking your friends word-of-mouth and purchasing the watch. Now, what’s different with Zwibe is that your friend, who advices you to buy the product, as well as you, who actually takes the advice and buys the product, are both given a percentage of the value of the product as cashback into your respective accounts on Zwibe, which you could later redeem on other online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Bookmyshow and so on. 

All it requires is a regular email-id signup to register yourself on Zwibe and you could start sharing your pictures right away with your followers. The app has a tie-up with major shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart and so on, and this enables you to shop right off your friends page without being taken to the third party website. The payments are secure and details like your tracking I.D are provided which don’t leave any chance of a doubt. 

So, go ahead, be an influencer yourself, and make some money off of it. And as you sign up, don’t forget to use my referral code “Y07Y” whereby we both could make some cashback 🙂 

The app is available on both, android as well as iOS. 


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