Must have items that you must own – Ringing Fashion Outbeats

Trends are like seasons – they come and go only to return again. Often they return in slightly modified forms which are more in synch with the times. Now there are certain styles that carry on steadily even with the flow of time and the resultant ups and downs. These styles grow and secure a strong place in our hearts first and eventually they have a way in our closets. These become what is called as the wardrobe must have items. Starting with stylish dresses and shirts for women to trousers for women and even blazers for women, all these items are the must have outfits for the modern Indian woman.

Historically speaking, shirts had been one of the most versatile outfits to have had a place in our wardrobes. Whether in tones of white or the classic oxford blue to printed shirts for women, we are bound to keep reaching out for this style most of the time. Shirts for women should ideally be long, like almost covering the butt portion of our bodies with a hem line that resembles the shirt tail. The silhouette that it provides is supposed to be slightly oversized, but the sleeves of the shirt should ideally be long and slim. Classically tailored shirts for women come with small collars. Shirts for women can to brave the ups and downs of fashion trends with no effort, as they have done so far and as such that they can never go out of fashion. Shirts create a totally different silhouette than dresses for girls since they are more men’s fashion inspired. But a woman can look extremely feminine and equally ravishing in a shirt which is differently designed than the typical men’s shirt thereby flattering a woman’s bodylike no other outfit. Talking about their design, you must have noticed that shirts for women come in more structured look than those for the man. Along with structure, they differ in orientation too.

Since the days when trousers or pants had been adopted in Western Europe, they used to be majorly worn by the men rather than the women until the early phase of the 20th century. Then women started to wear trousers as leisurewear during the 1920s and 30s. Since then, trousers for women have been one of the smartest and most comfortable attiresthat could ever be designed. Along with the perfect blend of convenience and comfort trousers for women are also pretty high on smartness and style. Trousers for women have the quality to flatter a woman in the most beautiful way to make her look smart and trendy. For the modern girls, trousers for women are now available in different lengths and cuts now. From the flowing long palazzo pants and their slightly shorter version called culottes to the ever popular jeans in different fits and formal pants in regular shapes, trousers for womencan offer the highest degree of versatility.

Apart from shirts and trousers, blazers for women are also another must have piece, which can also complete any look. Come to think of it, blazers for women are out there in multitudes of styles. Blazers for women can come in thousands of different looks starting with the fitted or oversized blazers for women to the classic ones or even the boyfriend style; the very fact that they can blend in so easilywith absolutely any garment is the best thing about them. What more, we can freely experiment with our looks by teaming a dress with a blazer to make it look peppy or even classy depending on what look we want to pull off. As much as we are into grungy fashion, we surely need to spruce up once in a while, and add variety. It goes without saying that a professional look – the typical business look, can be carried out in the best way by wearing a formal cut blazer. Blazers for women will forever continue to be versatile and the fact is that they will stay as the go-to fashion attire for any work related event. A blazer which fits nicely at your shoulders can make you look ever so trendy and smart! If you are an adventurous person and game to experiment with your looks, then the oversized boyfriend style blazer is the hottest way to go; team it with your favourite mini dress or skirt along with heels and any top to go with it. You are bound to look irresistible with some smart styling with the blazers.

Now another wardrobe essential that we just cannot do without is our western dress. True that shirts are one of those few items that we can combine with almost anything else in our closet. Since shirts and trousers are now pretty acceptable while dressing for different events during the day time, the stylish dresses meant to be worn during the day are not getting that much focus as they used to. You might agree with me thata sophisticated classy shift dress is often the most convenient and most appropriate choice for semi formal occasions like brunches or art exhibitions. And when we finally wonder athow with the slightest of efforts we can actually slip into stylish dresses, we will surely find it a great pleasure to give our jeans and trousers a much needed break. Moreover, these stylish dresses are synonymous with classy, sophisticated fashion. Stylish dresses are also the ones that can boast of both classy as well as simple design elements, say for instancea V neck line or a fitted waist line and a nicely fitted skirt portion, will always keep attracting us time and again.

Whether it is a formal business meet that you need to attend in the day or turn up at the glam cocktail party in the evening, apart from the combination of shirts for women and trousers for women, the stylish dresses in our wardrobe, in different cuts can also be equally suitable. In fact smart blazers for women worn with a formal western dress can make you look great for the formal events as well as casually chic depending on the cut and style of the combination that you choose to wear.


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