My summer hangover 

It’s been a while since monsoons have hit this city, and how! It’s gloomy all around and the sun can’t stop playing peek-a-boo amidst the sky full of dark and heavy clouds that are almost always ready to shower their love in an outpour and drench us in the process. 

While everyone has embraced the joy of monsoons and has had their fair share of dances in the rain, I think I am still having my summer hangover. I find every possible excuse to pull out my summer clothes and get dressed. Also, no kidding, it’s ALWAYS summer in Mumbai. So yeah! 

This was another such day when the sun shined bright up in the sky with all its might as it overpowered the gloomy skies. I couldn’t miss this opportunity and got going to click some pictures. Have a look. 

I’m wearing a pair of light washed denim shorts from Forever 21 that have some ripped detailing which I personally love. It gives a completely laid back and casual vibe.

I added a pop of colour with this rusty/burnt orange tank top that I recently picked from H&M. It is super comfy and I could literally live in it all my life. No kidding.

To add something a little more fun, I threw on this monochrome striped long cape which adds the perfect drama to the whole outfit. It brings in the much needed sexiness and breaks the casual appeal of the shorts and the tee as it makes a statement in itself. 

Lastly, as always, minimalism is the key. So I simply accessorised with just a golden watch. I slipped into my casual black and gold flats from Westside to give my feet a break from the harsh heels. These flats are easy to wear and go with almost anything. 

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