10 commandments for a healthy YOU

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A healthy life and a content soul is all we crave for. While we go spend piles of cash at the doorsteps of numerous psychiatrists, therapists, dieticians or even gym instructors, we often tend to forget that adopting a few changes in our lifestyle can make a huge difference. 

I made a few amends in the way I live my life and noticed tremendous changes in my mental and physical health. So, I thought of sharing a few things that I swear by, in the hope that it could help any of you. I am no expert in this subject but these are some commandments to a healthy lifestyle that I have started following. I don’t say that I follow these steps religiously, but I am trying my best to get there. 

COMMANDMENT 1. – Warm lemon water for the win

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Drink 2-3 glasses of lukewarm lemon water as soon as you wake up – This will not only instantly freshen you up in the mornings, but also help in boosting your metabolism throughout the day. Lukewarm water will open up all your internal body systems in the morning and the lemon will provide energy supply that would last all day. Not to forget, it’s amazing for your skin too.

COMMANDMENT 2. – Work that body

Working out is often overpowered by laziness and lame excuses. But, had we known that working out has heaps of benefits attached to it, I don’t think we’d ever want to skip it again. It stimulates the blood flow across the body and helps you sweat out all the impurities. Also, the post workout glow is to die for.

COMMANDMENT 3. – Beauty sleep is what you need

Well, yes, you read that right. Some sound sleep and rest is much needed for your body to reenergise itself. You must get yourself atleast 8 hours of sleep every night if you want to put your fresh face forward. Ain’t no dark circles help you looking and feeling your best. The number of hours that you sleep before 12.00 a.m. is equally proportional to your beauty sleep.

COMMANDMENT 4. – Detoxify your body

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With the amount of junk and fast food that we put into our body, we are single handedly messing with our digestive system, without giving it any rest. This is why, it is extremely necessary to go on a detox for atleast 2-3 days every month. Stick to boiled veggies, fruits and juices and some green tea. Avoid packaged foods, soda, meats, alcohol and things that basically do no good to your body. 

COMMANDMENT 5. – Be picky

Be extremely careful about what you eat or drink. Your diet is the main cause of all your health issues. So pick wisely. Remember – a moment on your lips, forever on your hips

COMMANDMENT 6. – Meditate

Meditation is very powerful. It helps you clear your mind off of any negativity and stress and helps you calm down. The more composed and put together your thoughts are, the more positive will be your approach towards life. For when your mind is at peace, your body will follow.

COMMANDMENT 7. – Get your “me time”

This is very important. Indulge in activities that make you happy. It could be anything like reading a book, watching a movie, music, a run, a long shower, baking or anything at all. Just make sure that you give yourself some time and do stuff that brings you joy. 

COMMANDMENT 8. – Say goodbye to social media

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Call it another form of a detox? Sometimes this detox from social media is much needed. Sure, we like staying connected and updated with the events happening in our so called “friends'” lives, it shouldn’t be forgotten that it is more important to connect with people that actually matter. Sometimes, talking to your family or old friends is the only form of therapy you need. 

COMMANDMENT 9. – Live in the moment

What’s the point in stressing about the things that are already done? Or even the ones that could potentially happen someday? Don’t waste your present worrying about the past or the future. NOW is all you have. So live it to the fullest. Things will unfold as and when they are meant to be. So don’t overthink or overanalyse every situation and the enjoy the moment.

COMMANDMENT 10. – Be you

Yes, it’s that simple. Don’t let anyone ever tell you how to live your life. Life is beautiful when you discover it yourself. So don’t be apologetic and take pride in being you. Never try to change yourself in order to please someone else, because you are beautiful in your own unique way. And if they didn’t notice, it’s their loss. 




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