Dungaree Day

Hey there,

Dungarees have made a significantly huge comeback this season and I am all hearts for this casual yet chic 90’s trend. I remember my closet being full of dungarees back when I was in primary school (Blame Kuch Kuch Hota Hai for my obsession). But I am sure a lot of us grew up owning atleast one pair, if not half a dozen, of such overalls that was our go-to outfit. Now that they’re back, nostalgia is hitting me hard. I am absolutely loving this trend and hoping that it’s here to stay.

Reminiscing the older times brought me a lot of joy and therefore I thought of styling the modern day overalls and re-living my dungaree days. 

The one thing I like the most about overalls is that they are extremely comfortable and can be worn day in and day out. Also, it is unbelievable how pairing it with different items can give you a completely different look each time. Versatility and easiness can be ticked off of the checklist when it comes to dungarees. Can you tell, already, how obsessed I am? 

Anyway, moving on, let me show you how I styled my pair of supercute overalls that I recently got from StalkBuyLove.com.

The fabric of this pair of dungarees is very soft and breathable, making it super comfortable to wear even in the hot and unforgiving summer days. I paired it with a striped turtle-neck bodycon top that I picked from Zara last year. 

Too add some sporty vibes to the look, I added a cap that I borrowed from my brother’s collection. Lastly, a pair of slip-ons from Koovs.com finished the look, keeping up with the whole casual/sporty theme.

Have a look at some more pictures..

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