My go-to College Ootd

Hey there! 

Dressing up for college early in the morning seems like a super tedious and painfully confusing job. When you are still in a state of half sleep, struggling hard to completely open those eyes, you have to make major life decisions – like ‘what to wear to college!?’ Okay, I may have exaggerated a tad bit, but hey, don’t we all spend a lot of our time in the mornings just blankly staring at our cupboards, trying to put together an outfit to wear to college? You don’t want to look like you just walked out of your bed straight into your classroom. Neither do you want to look like you’re headed to be a showstopper at a fashion show straight after your college hours. You need to be dressed in something that’s apt for college, without being over or underdressed, but yet making a statement. 

Times like these are usually when I reach out for my graphic tees. The thing that I love the most about graphic tees is that they make a statement without being over the top. They’re quirky, expressive and comfortable, making them the perfect choice for any college ootd. 

I like to pair my graphic tees with a pair of shorts, distressed denims or the slim fit ones. For this look I have paired my graphic tee that I got from The Souled Store with a pair of distressed boyfriend denims from Bhane. I feel like the ripped jeans add character to the whole look making the outfit stand out as a whole. 

For college, I like to give those designer handbags a miss and opt for a simple yet quirky tote bag that can store all my stuff, without me having to worry about ruining it. Also, such totes are easy on the pocket and super fun as they make heads turn since they sport some really witty captions and one-liners. I got mine from The Souled Store.

Lastly, I like to wear flats or slip ons to college because they’re super comfortable and you can literally run around in them all day long. My white plimsoles are from Koovs. 

Have a look at some of the other pictures – 

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