The perfect patch

Hey there!

Patches have made a significantly huge comeback and how! These cute little quirky things instantly transform any casual and plain outfit into a completely different piece, giving it its own brand new identity. And mind you, they aren’t limited to just clothes. They’re out there spreading their craziness to every possible thing- Bags, shoes, accessories and what not. You even get loose patches that you can physically sew on to things by yourself and give it your personal touch. 

I am all about these fun patches and, well, I have a tendency to even go a bit overboard with them. 

The good thing about patchwork on clothing is that it looks super cute and quirky and is yet so casual and wearable. Team it up with a fun backpack and some comfortable sneakers and get ready to capture the world. 

I have styled a cute white tee with denim joggers that have an overload of patches. I got them both from ShopSpringBreak for I carried this classic black faux leather backpack from that is super spacious and can carry your world around in it, anywhere and anytime. It is one of those pieces that never go out of style. I love this backpack so so much. Perfect for everyday, running errands, for travelling, college and basically everything. Lastly, I wore a pair of white sneakers from Zara to complete the look. 

Here are some pictures –

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