Joggers Day Out ft.

Hey there! 

Isn’t October actually supposed to mark the beginning of wintertime? With almost the entire month having passed by, I don’t seem to understand when the summers are bidding us a goodbye. But, I did manage to find one silver lining. I can skip your rather uncomfortable denims and opt for more comfortable clothing. 

I love wearing more relaxed and breathable pieces and sport a more casual look. So, just as I was on the lookout for pieces to wear in this unusually hot climate, I stumbled upon this website called BEWAKOOF.COM. They stock some really fun pieces that are casual but will surely make heads turn. I was kind of amazed at the amazing quality they offer at such affordable prices. 

I got myself a Tshirt and a pair of Joggers from them, which are slowly turning into my go-to pair for a casual chic look. Just adding a pair of Adidas Superstars completes the look so effortlessly. They also have some great Tshirt dresses, crop tops, sweatshirts and shorts for women, which I might get my hands on pretty soon.

And, the boys aren’t left out with this one. They stock some amazing Tshirts, pajamas, denims, sweatpants and sweatshirts for men too. 

Have a look at some more pictures –

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