Under the hood with Bewakoof.com

Hey there,

I know I’ve been MIA since almost forever owing to the never ending exams and a long fun vacation post that! But, I have some really cool posts lined up for the near future. This post, however, has been long-pending and it’s about time I posted it. 

Winters are officially here and, well, let’s just say, here in Mumbai summers never really end. We never really get the opportunity to layer our outfits with those warm and cozy jackets and coats or throw on the cutest beanies over our heads or even wear the edgy thigh high boots. 

But, combatting the chilly dusks and dawns with style is what we love to do anyway. To keep things appropriate for the subtle winters warm hoodies with a pair of denim joggers just do the job effortlessly. They’re casual, comfy and warm with the added spice of style. Not to mention, they’re super cozy and laid back. 

As versatile as they are, hoodies can be styled in several ways. They’d look super cute layered on top of a dress, or with a faux leather skirt or even a pair of laced shorts. I however opted for a pair of boyfriend joggers to go with my hoodie. I picked them up from Bewakoof.com which houses a wide selection of pocket friendly but fashion forward pieces. They also stock a vast collection Of T-Shirts, Pajamas, Denim Jeans, Joggers & Hoodies for men. 

Have a look at my take on it –


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