Beach Day

Beaches!! Who doesn’t love beaches? The serene sound of the waves and the cool breeze that leaves an unintended innocent smile on your face along with heaps of salt in the hair.. well, I surely do live for moments like these. 

One such fantastic beach day was in Philippines. Philippines is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on earth with clear blue waters and crystal like sand. We visited several beaches in different parts of the country like the White Sand Beach in Boracay, the 7 Commando Beach in El-Nido, the Big and Small Lagoons and so on. While they were alll breathtakingly picturesque, I did fall in love with the Nacpan Beach at El-Nido. It is a secluded beach about half an hour away from the main city centre. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, Nacpan Beach provided the much needed peace and tranquility. We could unwind and relax since it was free from the touristy crowd and was relatively quiet with a handful people on the beach. I did manage to capture some memories from the rather laid back day. Enjoy the pictures. 


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