Same Top, Diverse Styles #2

Hey loves,

I thought it was about time that I came up with a part 2 to one of my most loved article. 

Since most of us are usually on a restrained budget when it comes to buying new clothes and accessories, we are always looking for new and different ways to style the things that we already have in our closet. It’s magical how simply styling the same thing in a different way each time can change your whole #ootd game and bring out a completely different vibe each time.

The key here is picking some versatile pieces in neutral colour schemes and subtle patterns for your wardrobe that you could possibly pair with a multiple other things. This works amazingly well if you want to dress up or down. Wearing these neutral pieces with items of different silhouettes, or even changing up the accessories, bags or shoes could be the game changer. 

For this look, I styled my black choker top from StalkBuyLove in two different ways. One being edgy and fun, while the other being elegant and chic. 

Look #1

Top – StalkBuyLove 

Shorts – H&M

Shoes – Forever New

Bag – Aldo

Look #2

Top – StalkBuyLove 

Drawstring Skirt – Koovs 

Shoes – Forever New

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