Suit up. Chill down.

Hey there! 

With this post, I tried to come out of my regular comfort zone and try something new and different from what I usually do. Something that I wouldn’t really pick otherwise. Something that isn’t so much my style. But, something that I was very excited about and had a lot of fun styling.

Yes, Pant – Suits aren’t really my thing! But, over the course of time, I’ve grown to liking the uniqueness that they carry. When styled right, they can look very edgy and can be easily taken out of that board – room meeting to a fun night – out in the club in a matter of seconds. 

The pant suits are actually very versatile and can be easily split to be individually paired with different things to effortlessly create so many different outfits. Even a simple blazer can drastically change your otherwise basic look on a regular day. The trousers can be separately styled with so many different styles of tops to make for a comfortable yet stylish attire. There are just so many ways that one can come up with when styling a pant – suit. 

I was looking forward to experimenting a little with my style and picking something that was missing from my wardrobe. My hunt ended when I got my hands on these super stylish co – ords from StalkBuyLove. They’re not the usual black, which is why I liked them. The navy blue, although neutral, adds some colour and fun to my pant – suit. 

I styled it with this peppy singlet, that I picked from the streets of Colaba, which has black and silver sequinned stripes. It adds the needed edginess and makes the look appropriate for any occasion, either a formal dinner or a night with the girls. My Forever 21 heels and the Charles and Keith bag are the only accessories I chose to go with the look, since I wanted it to speak for itself. It’s sophisticated, classy, bold and yet so much fun! Sure to make those heads turn as you walk by! 

Have a look at some more shots and let me know your views in the comments section down below. Also, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. 


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