Well Plaid ft. Bewakoof.com

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With the advent of summer comes the season of not wanting to dress up or step out of the air-conditioned room. The humid climate in Mumbai makes it almost impossible to wear anything without looking like a sweatball. I, therefore, am constantly on the look out for easy and breathable cotton outfits for the harsh summers that I could relax in all day. 

Bewakoof.com has always been one of my go-to websites for such chic casuals. Made of pure cotton or jersey, their clothes ooze comfort and style at the same time. While browsing through their website recently, I came across their new collection of shirt dresses and I was instantly sold. The plaid pattern on the dresses is hard to ignore and the sleek summer style statement they make is difficult to miss out on. As soon as I saw this dress, I knew I had to get it and share the awesomeness with you all. So go ahead, and have a look at how I styled this (what could possibly be one of my favourite) plaid dress. 

Shirt Dress – Bewakoof.com

Shoes – Zara

Sunglasses – Knockaround

Bewakoof also stocks a variety of casual tops, casual dresses and designer mobile cases. They also house dapper clothing for men including Track Pants, Jeans, Tank Tops, Pyjamas as well as XXXL Tshirts.

Show me your go-to summer outfits by tagging me on Instagram @tanvi_inkthythoughts and let me know how you liked mine in the comments section down below.
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